Our key customer industries

Super-  and hypermarket

Super- and Hypermarkets

Department and speciality stores

Department and speciality stores



Platform partner

Platform partners

Online retail

Online Retail

We serve clients from all over the world and our customer base covers all types of retail industries including

  • Wholesale
  • Hypermarkets
  • Online shops
  • Department stores
  • Platform partners

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We care about your business. As a full-service global sourcing agency, we look after you from product development to the arrival of the goods in your warehouse and everything in between by

  • Create your differentiated and unique products with unbeatable prices
  • Ensure products safety and comply to local regulations as well as fit for purpose
  • Ensure your products coming from CSR compliant factories
  • Design packaging that support your brand and sales
  • Control production and ensure arrival on time in your warehouse

And many more services are available.

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Product selection
Quality assurance

What we provide - better price - controlled quality - unbeatable products - socially responsible

With our global connections we serve our clients in Asia and we help you with nearshoring to Europe. We are your ideal partner for sourcing and procurement.

If you are looking to have support in your sourcing needs, we are here to make you successful!

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