Growing our business by growing our people

Our People are at the heart of our business. We are committed to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. Individuals are respected, valued and encouraged to contribute and bring in their strengths.

We empower our People to be entrepreneurial and take full accountability for their actions and strive to have a positive impact on the business, customer values and the environment. We believe that our People are the key success factor and shape our future.


Our culture

Five Fundamentals of METRO

The METRO Fundamentals are our guiding principles on the way there. They guide us every day. They set out our shared values and provide us with rules of conduct – clearly and consistently. They are binding for everyone at METRO, in all countries and companies. And they begin with a commitment: we are wholesale. That is what we do best. And we want to become even better at it. The basis for this is our ONE METRO spirit: everyone is needed, everyone stands together – with curiosity and determination, courage and drive, commitment and trust.

  1. WHOLESALE. EVERYWHERE. EVERY TIME. We do what we do with heart and soul, non-negotiable in all aspects: Efficiency over beauty. From complexity to simplicity.

  2. GROWTH IS KING. SPEED MATTERS. RESULTS COUNT. We act with full conviction in our strengths. Be courageous, be fast: The result is what counts, not perfection.

  3. BASIS AND BASICS. Nuts and bolts. No-frills. It’s as simple as that. Top quality, best prices, passionate people, delivery to the point and digitally empowered. Every day.

  4. WER WILL, DER KANN. NEVER STOP, NO FEAR. Determination has no barriers. Stumbling is okay, failure is allowed – giving up isn’t.

  5. ONE METRO. Together we’ll reach the top, together we have fun and celebrate success. We’re constantly improving and learning from each other. We are looking for what unites us, not what separates us. We run together and we win together.


Working in an exciting, globally networked business environment spurs us to our best. We are never complacent or just simply follow the status quo. Our People shape the new ways of working. Follow our LinkedIn page to keep up to date with our Business.

Follow our LinkedIn page to keep up to date with our business.

Career opportunities

We offer a wide range of opportunities for People who are passionate in international trade and want to make a difference. Join us to shape our business and your career together with us. Feel free to reach out to us at