Our Compliance Culture

Compliance is firmly established in the company culture of METRO. Essential components of the Compliance Programme are the eight Business Principles of METRO which are the foundation of any business at METRO!

METRO SOURCING considers proper business compliance is very crucial in building up trustworthy relationship with our business partners. We have zero tolerance on non-compliance activities such as corruption, bribery, anti-trust, money laundering, discrimination, fraud, etc.

We also uphold data protection and whistleblower protection to all compliance incident reporter, both from internal and external.

For this purpose, clearly defined measures were established. Their implementation is organized and coordinated by our local Compliance Officer. An enormous Compliance Programme has been set up to support all METRO employees in complying with laws, regulations and standards of conduct.

Report non-compliance activities

Should you discover any suspected or potential non-compliance events in relation to our staff, agents or representatives, please do not hesitate to inform METRO SOURCING immediately:

Compliance Officer of METRO SOURCING

email :

phone: +852-57206414

You can also inform us by using our whistleblowing channel

METRO Whistleblowing System: BKMS

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