About us

METRO SOURCING was founded in Hong Kong in 1976 and has representative offices in China, Vietnam, Turkey and Germany. As a professional sourcing organisation, we ensure that our customers receive the full range of products. We search for suppliers worldwide, certify factories and their products, monitor production and organise the final inspection of the products. Our service also includes logistics and shipping to the customer's final port of discharge.

Direct imports as a success factor

With direct imports, better prices are achieved by buying directly from the source and scaling effects ensure higher quality and service. Excellent products for our own brands are developed in close cooperation with suppliers and with a focus on customer requirements. Our strict quality control is ensured through continuous testing of imported products, high quality standards and suppliers' commitment to 100% social compliance. By using the full potential in procurement processes, coordination with customers, logistics and transparency of costs and benefits, METRO SOURCING succeeds in increasing overall import efficiency for its customers.

Our Network

The network of METRO SOURCING

Our purpose

Best prices

Best Prices

  • Direct access to productions
  • Bundle quantities across clients
Controlled quality

Controlled Quality

  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Fit for Purpose testing
  • Technical Audit
  • Inline & Final inspection
Unique products

Unique Products

  • Own Brands
  • Design Options
Socially responsible

Socially Responsible

  • BSCI Audit
  • Sustainable Standards

Our mission

We are one passionate team, always building better assortments and solutions, committed to grow our business.

We operate

  • Customer-oriented
  • End-to-End
  • Simple

to create value for our customers.