Embedding sustainability in our heart

The strategic integration of sustainability into our core business is essential for us to fulfil our sustainability commitment. We link it to our corporate strategy, design our business processes and programmes accordingly and implement our sustainability management system. To support and drive this process, we encourage our team to act sustainably through strategic and procedural guidelines.

MGB is a sustainable company.

We are sustainable

Sustainable for customers

For customers

  • Ensure 100% of suppliers are socially compliance with BSCI
  • Product ranges made from sustainable materials
  • Green packaging solutions (FSC, plastic free)
  • CO2 reduction in supply chain
  • Supplier trainings
Sustainable for society and environment

For society & environment

  • Volunteering in community
  • Partnership with social service organizations
  • Donations for people in need
  • Green Offices & paperless processes
Go green
Sustainable for employees

For employees

  • Flexible working hours
  • Social functions with a “Purpose”
  • Learning sponsorship
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Caring for pregnant staff